Our Story

Established in 1941, as a retail business dealing in Ironmongery, the Town Hardware Stores today symbolizes immense trust, confidence and reliability. As pioneers in the builder’s hardware segment we pride our knowledge and expertise on quality products of recognized artistic, technical and stylistic excellence, thereby enhancing our customer’s environments’ both aesthetically and functionally.

Our competence in hardware is reinforced by 7 decades of rich experience over 4 generations. Experience is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets a company can have. Along with the invaluable experience, we bring to you the best in terms of products and value. Through sheer hard-work, we have garnered an enviable position in the builder’s hardware industry thus earning immense good-will and repute.

As the building and construction sector progresses ceaselessly we will continue to serve our clientele diligently, working in tandem with architects, interior designers, builders, developers and customers and in this manner enhancing the ambience of infinite homes, offices, hotels, institutions, industries in the future assuring unbeatable quality and value.

History of our store

Our store was started by the late Mr.P.Gouraswamy Setty in 1941. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, it gained widespread recognition and tremendous goodwill with the help of the founder and his three sons G. Hanumantha Swamy, G. Janardhan and G. Krishnamurthy.

G. HanumanthaSwamy, the eldest son of P. Gouraswamy Setty is today one of the most experienced in the hardware industry in India; currently at the age of 85 he still works tirelessly with great interest and dedication. He is widely regarded and respected by both suppliers and customers in our trade, for his intrinsic and extensive knowledge of the subject. The administration department was then completely under the care of G. Janardhan, who ensured smooth and efficient back end operations. He was also the founding member of the Karnataka Hardware Association (KHAMA). G. Krishnamurthy, the youngest brother, with his fantastic public-relations and social circles assisted vastly in the marketing and publicity of The Town Hardware Stores.

In the 1980s, Raju Swamy, son of G. Hanumantha Swamy joined the family business and with hard work and a great knack at business, he took the store to a higher level of recognition.

In the 21st century,the 4th generation of the family, Nishil R. Swamy & Roshan R. Swamy, sons of Raju Swamy joined the Town Hardware Stores bringing with them, unparalleled enthusiasm and passion into the business.

Progressing over time with the incoming generations, The Town Hardware Stores is unmatched in its mission to provide quality products in the builder’s hardware industry. The rich expertise and enthusiasm of The Town Hardware Stores has passed over generations, and is today owned and managed by people representing 3 generations. This unique management enables us to provide knowledge and technical know-how of every product from over 70 years to the latest, thereby making our stores a one-stop shop for everything related to architectural and builder’s hardware.

Our New Showroom

In lieu with the changing times, we have recently established a new display center, at a convenient location, christened “The Ironmonger”.

The Ironmonger is the result of our tremendous hard-work, our continuous knowledge, our varied expertise and our relentless passion to give back to our industry, providing our clients with only the best.

We firmly believe in useful products that are beautiful and compliment both your space and your style. We have a wide range of products that are perfectly suited to aspirations that make the home much more than mere shelter and offices much more than a mere work space. We at “The Ironmonger” assure you of efficient function and timeless elegance, as well as lasting value and luxurious style of all our products.

Our strong commitment to quality is our trademark and will remain our distinction even in the future. With competitive pricing, our rates are fair in all ranges spanning from the economy segment to the premium segment. Our clients include architects, interior designers, builders, developers, contractors, home owners and carpenters. Be it residential projects or commercial projects, we have products to suit a wide array of customers needs and requirements.

Our unbridled passion and enthusiasm for work, our continuous search for excellence in all that we do –are all elements that represent our endeavor of creating value for our clients and what differentiates us from all other competitors.

Our Products

At The Ironmonger, we provide a complete solution for your architectural hardware needs and requirements. We deal with products, right from the most artistic door & cabinet handles to European kitchen hardware and accessories well known across the world. Listed below are the products which we deal with.

Cabinet Hardware
Door Hardware
Bathroom Accessories
Sliding and Folding Systems
Kitchen Organizers
Home Accents
Wardrobe Hardware
Security Equipment
Speciality Products

Our Brands

The Ironmonger along with its parent company, The Town Hardware stores deals with a number of brands, both international and domestic. We offer brands right from OEM Manufactures for the best kitchens worldwide to India’s premier brands such as Godrej and Europa.

Mentioned below are few of the brands we deal with.

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Our Clients

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